Modernization of automated firefighting system

The automated firefighting system is one of the main elements of fire safety and emergency response at Black Sea Terminal (BST). All of BST’s terminal facilities are protected with fire detection and fighting systems. Most of the installed firefighting equipment is operated from the central control room and is wired to receive alarms from different locations within the facility. Alarms are transmitted via the smoke and temperature detectors installed in the BST process facilities and buildings.


Recently BST engineers performed a special risk assessment and based on the risk assessment results, BST decided to modify the automated firefighting system in the railway trestles. The railway trestles are equipped with foam and water firefighting system, which is manually operated from various firefighting cabins located along the railway trestles. An essential delay may be possible during an emergency, considering the location of the firefighting cabins and human factor. Based on the risk assessment results, the operation of the railway trestle firefighting system has been modernized and as a result its operation has been duplicated to manual and remote control.


Thus during potential emergencies the firefighting system will be operated remotely from the central control room and eliminate the necessity of a personnel approach to the firefighting cabins, as well as possible delays during emergencies.

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