Performance Monitoring

The Maintenance Department at Black Sea Terminal (BST) develops and maintains short-term and long-term preventive maintenance schedules and programs for operating efficiency. This is in line with operational context, inclusive of work force development, personnel trainings, resource allocation, prioritization, department budget and sets its goals for future improvements and achievements.


One of the important management tools that the Maintenance Department uses to measure the quality and efficiency of maintenance performance and to trigger the corrective maintenance actions is KPI (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs are fundamental in measuring performance and progress. Analyzing the data generated by KPI trends helps us to identify the most important and most urgent performance gaps and set the appropriate measures for an improvement.


BST has taken proactive measures through the efficient planning and scheduling of maintenance activities to ensure and safeguard the continuity of operations. Each year this process is becoming more inclusive, taking into consideration the experience and lessons learned from previous years and the best practices.

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