Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training

Hazard recognition and preparing appropriate risk assessments plays an important role in every workplace – especially in the oil and gas industry. At Black Sea Terminal (BST), hazard identification and risk assessment is one of the core competencies for all but especially those employees and supervisors who handle hazardous jobs.


Considering the importance and need for this training, the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training is conducted at frequent intervals at BST. Recently, a refreshment training was organized for supervisors of maintenance and the Operations Department.


Through this course,  highly-qualified trainers refreshed the knowledge of the participants regarding the scope and nature of health and safety; how to identify hazards associated with the work environment; identifying risks associated with the hazards, how to carry out and prepare a risk assessment report; identifying the hierarchy of risk control, the elimination of risks, engineering controls, administrative controls, personal protective equipment usage, problem solving and writing effective recommendations to avoid further hazards and risks. At the end of the session, an assessment of the participants was conducted to ensure that the participants have gained a thorough and deep understanding of hazard identification and risk assessment.


This particular training is conducted at Black Sea Terminal to ensure employees are responsible for their work to act in a safe and healthful manner, conduct their work in compliance with all safety and health rules, and to use all means and methods that are necessary to safely accomplish all work where employees are exposed to a hazard.

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