Happy 2021!

2020 has come to end. It was another important year for each and every person employed at Black Sea Terminal. The results achieved during this period gives us the reason to be proud that the company has successfully achieved its goals and objectives and utilize the maximum opportunity to cooperate with international customers and fulfill all required services.


Also important and noteworthy is the contribution of the Black Sea Terminal to the country's economy especially outstanding support towards the development of sports and culture, financial assistance to charity organizations and helping the needy especially the elderly and the children.


Unfortunately, the current pandemic situation of the world has brought a lot of changes to the daily company activities including various radical changes, but even during this time company overcame all difficulties and was greatly involved in the campaign against the epidemic.


2020 also has been an historical year for all Azerbaijanian’s for the greatest victory achieved by the Republic of Azerbaijan. We wholeheartedly congratulate all Azerbaijanians for the achieved victory and join them in honoring all those heroes of war who have lost their life in the battle for regaining peace in their country. Also for 31st of December on the Day of “World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day”, we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all our Azerbaijani friends and colleagues with whom we have been working and sharing each other's sorrow and joys for more than a decade.


2021 may be a difficult year for all of us, as it is said let’s believe that as time passes there will be changes with more and new opportunities and prospects emerging with great challenges and able to adapt to new realities. May 2021 bring many new opportunities, new hopes and new dreams.

Happy New Year!


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