Our social responsibility

Black Sea Terminal though deals in the business of oil and oil products, working agenda of the company often pertains to social responsibility issues and so gives utmost importance to such issues and responds accordingly.


It is within the framework of social responsibility that the Black Sea Terminal carried out several charitable actions during the period before the New Year. Particularly, company provided financial assistance to a nursing home and helped them to solve a specific problem, thus giving the administration of the boarding house opportunity to take care of the elderly beneficiaries well. In addition, the employees of the company congratulated for New Year and handed over books and various gifts, sweets and food products to the beneficiaries of the Rehabilitation day care center for Children with Disabilities, to the students and teachers of Kulevi Public School and some useful gift packs were handed over to the vulnerable people of the Khobi Municipality. The packing and distribution of these gifts were done with great enthusiasm and joy by the company employees.


The support and gifts provided by Black Sea Terminal was accepted with great applause and happiness. Especially the joy of the parents of the rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, their joy was boundless on seeing the happy face of their children. Joy reigned during the visit of employees with gifts for teachers and students to the school. Not to leave out the greatest gratitude reflected on the faces of the beneficiaries of canteen.


The realization of the above charities activities, clearly highlights the facts that the most important of all, is to support the vulnerable people especially children and elderly of this society, as a little attention from us could make their lives beautiful and bring joy to their faces.


Black Sea Terminal gives utmost importance to the problems of the society, as well as understands the social responsibility and so will continue with its charity activities.


Each charity event is an event carrying the greatest positive charge and boundless goodness.


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