Fire Drills

A fire drill is a method of practicing how employees would be evacuated in the event of a fire or any other emergencies. Fire Drills are an important part of Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) safety procedures for a number of reasons: they ensure that staff or any visitors to BST premises understand what they need to do if there is a fire; they test how effective the company’s evacuation response plan is and help to make improvements to any aspects which prove to be ineffective. Fire drills also help prepare employees to respond quickly, calmly, and safely.


Yearly fire drill plans are being prepared by BST management and are being implemented on regular (weekly) basis.


Fire drill reports are prepared following each drill and contain the following details:


1) Details of participants

2) Step by step actions

3) Positive moments of fire drills

4) Identifying problems

5) Proper actions are taken to help avoid them in the future


During fire drills, all employees are expected to take the following actions:


a) Leave their workplaces in safe conditions

b) Navigate to the muster points in a timely manner

c) Follow further instructions from responsible persons


Fire drill objectives include:


a) Giving employees an opportunity to practice emergency procedures

b) Determining if employees understand and can carry out emergency duties

c) Evaluating the effectiveness of the evacuation procedures and determining the necessary changes or adjustments to procedures to improve performance


During fire drills evaluations, the following questions are considered:


  • Did your fire alarm activate properly?
  • Did all employees hear the alarm?
  • Did employees check work areas for fire?
  • Was equipment properly shutdown?
  • Did all employees participate in the drill?
  • Did employees carry out emergency duties properly?
  • Did employees follow assigned evacuation routes?
  • Did any employees who need assistance evacuating receive it?
  • Did employees go directly to assembly areas after evacuating the building?
  • Did someone check to make sure all employees were accounted for?
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