Employee adaptation program at the terminal

Starting a new job can be stressful, as new employees must get used to company regulations, objectives, procedures, principles, and of course getting acquainted with their new colleagues. In order to assist new employees to transition more quickly and comfortably into their new role, Black Sea Terminal (BST) follows a well-managed and up-to-date adaptation program. This program is for every new employee, as well as internal BST employees who join a new department.


During six-month adaptation program, department heads and supervisors get a detailed understanding about the skills and knowledge of the new employee. 


The program starts with an introduction to the company’s mission, strategy, policy, and organizational structure, which is then followed by the required training courses like HSE Awareness, Basic Firefighting, Risk Assessment and others. Upon completion, the employee is then introduced to his working space and colleagues and is briefed on their job responsibilities. 


Halfway through the process the employee is assessed based on the knowledge attained during the last 3 months in their position. Based on their answers, the new employee’s knowledge and understanding of the job and their communication skills are rated. Any additional training and self-development requirements are provided by the head of the department.


At the end of 6 month period, the employee provides an assessment on the coach/preceptor and completes a survey pertaining to their job satisfaction.


The adaptation program is an important component of BST as it helps employees develop a positive attitude towards their work and the organization and motivates them to achieve their goals. The program also contributes to the satisfaction of the employee and to how they engage in their work.  


The Employee Adaptation Program facilitates consistency within the workplace and  demonstrates that BST views all of its employees – no matter their role – as valuable assets that are an integral part of the company’s long-term success!  

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