Contractor Evaluation Process

Contractor evaluation is the process of assessing and approving the potential line of contractors of the company through various quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures. The overall process and approach of the contractor evaluation is usually applied to the current set suppliers to regularly measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing the costs of goods/services, mitigating the chances of risk involved, and driving continuous improvement in their performance. The supplier evaluation process is a vital aspect of the BST management system.


The proper supplier evaluation forms are being filled out on a semi-annual basis. The following issues are being met while undertaking the evaluation process:


1)    Health, safety and environmental issues

2)    Goods/service quality

3)    Management issues

4)    Planning and delivery activities

5)    Skills and competency

6)    Price of goods and services

7)    Documentation issues

8)    Avenues of communication


All departments are assessing their related suppliers. The results of the evaluation process are then discussed during the management review meeting. Corrective actions are taken if any non-compliance is revealed. In certain instances recommendations are provided to the suppliers to help improve their performance.

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