Spare parts criticality assessment

The spare parts criticality assessment is a process that is essential to the operation of an efficient warehouse and inventory management system. Some aspects are essential to ensure the continuous operation of the terminal, while other aspects may not have such a critical effect on operations. This is why the criticality assessment should be conducted to rank spare parts as critical or non-critical.


Spare parts logistics play a crucial role in maintaining a high index of equipment availability. However, while an out-of-stock scenario leads to equipment shutdowns, it is critical to have only those spares in the warehouse that are necessary for the continuity of operations and to avoid overstocking. Optimal logistics strategies of spare parts make a solid contribution to the efficiency and cost reduction of equipment maintenance. Black Sea Terminal (BST) has successfully implemented the Material & Spare Parts Stockholding Strategy, which is part of the spare parts criticality assessment. This process has been automated by creating the criticality assessment tool, which calculates the user-entered criteria ranks and generates a recommendation based on whether or not the spare part is required to be in the warehouse.


BST performs regular monitoring of asset health to ensure the efficiency of maintenance processes and maintains the required level of asset integrity, emphasizing the importance of the availability of critical spare parts in stock.

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