A Safe Environment Guarantees Stable Production

In the modern world, the efficiency of production processes, growing financial results, safe working environments, improving a business’ image and a skilled work are the result of companies leveraging the latest technologies and maintaining a developed infrastructure.


The contributions made by Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) qualified employees and management through their daily activities, confirms the company’s constant readiness to create a free, safe working environment in accordance with established standards, and BST’s commitment to protect the health of its employees. Within the spirit of corporate responsibility, an additional candidate was chosen as employee representative for labor safety. This step was undertaken with the goal of helping employees improve communication with management regarding occupational safety challenges and to raise awareness among them. 


Black Sea Terminal maintains full compliance with the requirements of the current labor safety legislation, as well as and company’s health, safety and environmental policy. In turn, this further strengthens the internal standards in the field of labor and health protection to act in accordance with the best practices, to approach the problematic issues in a complex way and to take preventive measures in a timely manner.


In addition to occupational safety issues, BST has worked comprehensively to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. BST strictly adheres to the national best practices and BST’s internal emergency action plans. The process of managing Covid-19 involves the management, the employee safety representatives, as well as each person working in the company's workspace. Through company-wide cooperation, BST has properly managed all work processes during the pandemic and has maintained a continuous work schedule. This approach has had a positive impact on the social life of each employee.


Conditions have been created for the employees of Black Sea Terminal that ensure their working activities in a calm, safe and orderly environment to achieve new successes for the company.

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