Major Emergency Management (MEM)

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has very competent emergency response plan in place that enables the company to perform work safely and easily. The emergency response plan is a crucial component to handling any kind of emergency situation.


Though the emergency management team is well trained and experienced, the continuous review and revision of their knowledge remains constant. This instills a sense of confidence in the employees.  The importance of this upskilling and pre-planning is essential so that at the onset of an emergency, important decisions can be made rapidly and the situation can be controlled in a short period of time.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, one such assessment was conducted at the terminal to refresh the knowledge of the emergency response team. The program included planning and providing guidance in handling emergencies, as well as identifying any deficiencies, including a lack of resources, equipment, trained personnel and supplies.  


At the end of the emergency management program, the emergency response team was able to get a broader view of the details that will enable them to determine the potential risks and hazards that might affect BST’s operations. This is a continuous process that ensures the safe maintenance of the terminal. 

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