Maintenance of fire protection system at BST

For the normal and smooth operation of all units of the fire fighting system at the terminal, its constant readiness for use, the technical condition of the whole system is important. For this purpose, their planned maintenance works are organized and carried out.


So, this year a lot of works has been done to replace the pipes of the water intake and filtration system for the needs of fire protection system. Preventive maintenance works on water filters are carried out on a monthly basis. Fire protection system is equipped with a fire hydrants and monitors that are designed for outdoor fire extinguishing.


According to procedure, maintenance of fire hydrants and  monitors are carried out on regular basis, which includes the following:

  • visual examination,
  • checking condition of valves,
  • presence and condition of lubrication,
  • checking the hydrants and monitors for fluid loss.


In case of identification of deficiencies, immediate measures are taken to eliminate them. At the same time, the practical performance of the fire  fighting water supply system is tested during practical exercises.

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