Technical Inspection of Boiler Chimneys

Steam generating boilers, which address the terminal’s technological and domestic heating requirements, have been operating at Black Sea Terminal (BST) since 2008. Steam boilers are operated in accordance with applicable standards on operations of pressurized vessels and safety rules on the exploitation of steam-generating boilers.


Within the framework of BST’s scheduled technical inspection plan, the boilers are periodically inspected via specialized contractor companies. As part of this plan, on June 10, 2020, the boiler chimneys which are 45 meters in height were inspected by a specialized contractor possessing all the necessary certificates.


During the technical inspection, visual and ultrasonic NDT techniques were applied. The condition of the chimney foundations, steel sheets of pipe, bolted connections between pipe sections, tension cables, tension cable connections, fixators, bolted connections, ladder and service platforms were assessed and reported. No significant defects of the chimneys were observed. In particular, the corrosion rate of the chimney walls was in an acceptable range. The tension cable condition is good.


All data pertaining to the technical inspection have been registered in the technical records of each boiler chimney. According to the conclusion of the inspectors the boiler chimneys have been cleared for further exploitation. 

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