Archiving and destroying process of documents at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Document archiving is the process by which paper documents are securely stored for long periods of time. The Kulevi Oil Terminal archive was established to appropriately store and control important documents. The archive complies with Georgian Legislation and ISO Standards.


Kulevi Oil Terminal representatives are responsible for passing documentation to archive staff members, who then process and store the documents in a safe and organized manner. Kulevi Oil Terminal archivists are responsible for labeling the archive boards and maintaining the archive index and archive journal.


Document archiving entails securely storing information that you no longer use regularly. The archiving process is important because it:

1)    Preserves important data

2)    Ensures only the right people can access the documents

3)    Ensures that documents are organized and are easy to access

4)    Saves valuable storage space


Upon completion of the archiving period, all records are then destroyed after receiving the proper approval. The records are disposed of using a shredder or by burning them. Archive documents are disposed of in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner. This process is undertaken in strict accordance with the Document Destroying Act.

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