Kulevi Oil Terminal Supports Jeyran Dance Ensemble

Kulevi Oil Terminal takes great pride in helping improve the education, self-realization and development of Azerbaijani youth. Since 2011, Kulevi Oil Terminal has supported the NNLE Cultural Center of Azerbaijani Youth Residing in Georgia.


NNLE Culture Center of Azerbaijani Youth Residing in Georgia was founded in Tbilisi in 2010 to help Azerbaijani students to study languages, gain experience and be involved in various projects and programs.


The Jeyran dance ensemble is one of NNLE’s major projects, where children of various ages study Georgian and Azerbaijani folk dancing. Jeyran is often invited to various public concerts and festivals. With the support of Kulevi Oil Terminal, the dance ensemble was able to participate in an international competition.


The youth center is also providing Azerbaijani, Georgian and English language courses, chess and drawing circles, as well as computer courses.


We truly believe that culture centers like NNLE help our coming generation to achieve their life goals, and encourages initiative among youth.

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