The operational and strategic role of HR at the terminal

Kulevi Oil Terminal has a well-managed and functional operational and strategic HR Management to ensure having the right staff with the right skills and knowledge at the right time to complete the work successfully.  This is important as both operational and strategic HR management are two sides of the same entity and it is a necessity for the company to achieve its goals and objectives. 


Operational HR management at the terminal encompasses highly visible, daily tactical operations essential to meet the needs of the company and its employees encircles functions for employee relations through proper communication including maintaining of company policies and records, and ensures compliance to governmental regulations. These include vital tasks such as recruitment, interviewing and hiring, risk management, maintaining computerized HR information system and overseeing payroll system within the company.


Whereas strategic HR management at the terminal concerns to predicting outcomes and ensuring that the company has enough of the most qualified human capital to reach its goals. Generally it focuses on return on investment thus enabling the company to achieve its long term goals. Planning and arranging necessary development and training programs for the employees is an essential part of strategic HR as it results in performance improvement which in turn results in productivity, efficiency and quality of work. This also deals with concerns regarding structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching resources to future needs and other long term issues of the company.


The both facets of human resource functioning at the terminal help in creating right organizational culture, monitoring employee satisfaction, and measure the results of the organization. These promote for the overall success of the company and champion the identification of organizational mission, vision, values, goals and action plans. Finally, they also help in determining the measures how well the company is succeeding in all this.

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