Annual Inspection of Marian B Dredger

The annual inspection of all safety equipment and key mechanisms of Kulevi Oil Terminal’s vessels, ensures the safety and longevity of our equipment. These detailed inspections also ensure the conformance of our vessels’ component parts to rigorous standards approved by International Maritime Regulations.


Each vessel is provided with various pieces of safety equipment and materials, which are subject to regular technical examination. For this purpose, we have the contract with a specialized company with the highest standards of certification. This company undertakes the detailed inspection, repair, and certification of the safety equipment on the Marian B vessel.


The certification of this equipment covers the most important, life-saving items such as:


-       Life buoys

-       Life jackets

-       Life rafts

-       Lifeboats

-       Electrical protective and mechanical equipment

-       Immersions suits

-       Breathing apparatus

-       First-aid kits

-       Metrology equipment

-       Hydrostatic equipment

-       Firefighting equipment

-       Lifting equipment


All the defective or non-compliant equipment identified during the inspection has been removed and replaced with new well-functioning equipment. Each piece of equipment that is changed during the repair work is issued a quality certificate and is subject to a proper warranty period.


All life safety equipment is issued validity certificates in compliance with the IMO guidelines and resolutions. The annual inspection is a vital part of our operational work and helps maintain our responsible corporate culture.

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