Completion of VTC Tower anticorrosion works

Corrosion management and monitoring is one of the main elements of Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) asset integrity management strategy. As such, BST has implemented a consistent program where all process equipment, pipelines and structures are periodically inspected to help mitigate the potential for major accidents. All monitoring results are studied by specialized contractors and periodic anticorrosion work is performed to eliminate all weaknesses that are identified.  


BST recently completed anti-corrosive coating application work on several major facilities. One of those important structures is a 50-meter-high traffic control tower, which is exposed to the severe marine environment.


In total, about 4,000 square meters of the tower’s steel structure have been sand-blasted, power tooled and coated. All coating work has been performed in compliance with the quality standards and project requirements under the supervision of BST’s paint manufacturer representatives and quality control specialists.   

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