Independence Day

For a progressive-minded society in the world, a country's independence, sovereignty and the opportunity for free development has always been invaluable to one's homeland. Our ancestors have struggled for centuries to implement these values and ideas, and have passed on the fighting spirit to future generations. The struggle of our country’s heroes did not go unnoticed: on May 26 of 1918, the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence of Georgia in Tbilisi, and in just a couple of days later – on May 28, 1918 – the National Council of Azerbaijan established the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.


From this time a new stage in the history of both countries began. They became full-fledged independent states, and their citizens, bearers of sovereign rights. That is why on these two important days, Azerbaijan and Georgia have honorable places in the history.


In honor of these important two days, the management of the Black Sea Terminal congratulated its Georgian and Azerbaijani employees on the 102nd anniversary of their countries’ independence and shared the important achievements of both. It was noted that it is the duty of every citizen to respect this achievement, to make a significant contribution to the processes of rapid development, advancement and the success of their homeland through their tireless work.


We believe that both countries, side by side, through mutual cooperation and friendship, will be able to achieve continued success as partners and members of the world community.


BST would like to wish all its employees a happy and safe Independence Day!

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