Kulevi Oil Terminal Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Over the last 12 years our professional team of Black Sea Terminal (BST) employees has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a tireless dedication to realizing their personal goals and achievements.  


It has not been easy to build a new facility with new infrastructure next to several already established ports and oil terminals on the Black Sea coast. However, our professional staff at BST successfully paved the way and achieved the goals set before them. This was followed by the implementation of many new projects – increasing and expanding infrastructure, providing a high level of production, the launch of technical devices and various innovations, which have helped increase production efficiency.


That's why BST’s goal-oriented team is proud of the company’s success. Today, BST’s rail infrastructures are working smoothly and the company has set up good manufacturing operations. Five-hundred are working at the terminal site and we are thankful for the contributions they have made to our success.


Today, BST transshipment volume numbers are impressive. To date, BST has received 26.8 million tons of oil and dispatched 26.6 million tons of oil and oil products. We have offloaded 418, 554 oil tanks and loaded 14,627 railway tanks. In total 1,802 vessels have been serviced, including 1,592 loaded and 210 off-loaded tankers.


In view of all the great work done since May 16, 2008, BST management would like to thank each and every person on our staff who helped to make our operations a success over the years.


BST would also like to thank all the contractors and individuals who helped lay the foundation for BST. Their hard work is greatly appreciated as we look to the future. Thank you for all you have done to make BST a success!


Happy Anniversary!

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