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It has been 75 years since millions of people around the world sacrificed themselves in the fight against fascism. Many survived the brutality of the war, returned to their families, and despite tremendous spiritual or physical trauma, managed to gradually emerge from the difficult situation and became actively involved in the rhythm of peaceful life. Our society, of all generations, has always respected and will continue to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, as well as war veterans, and will always show love, affection and respect for them.


From the very beginning of its operation, Black Sea Terminal (BST) has never forgotten to honor the numerous world war veterans living in the Khobi Municipality and have been sure to recognize their sacrifices with gifts and acknowledgement. Over the years, the number of living veterans has decreased. It is very disappointing that today, on May 9 of 2020, only one veteran remains in the Khobi Municipality to celebrate the victory over fascism. Kapiton Tskadaia is an active member of society and the last surviving veteran in Khobi. As is tradition, BST would like to congratulate Mr. Tskadaia, wish him good health, a long life and provide him with financial assistance as a token of gratitude for his service.


BST will continue to keep the memory of our brave veterans firmly in mind and remain cognizant that war, bloodshed and violence are great crimes, and that peace is an achievement that must be maintained with vigilance.


Thanks to all our veterans for all that you have done!

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