Health Insurance Program

Kulevi Oil Terminal cares about its employees and is always ready to invest in their well-being in order to help them achieve a better work-life balance.


Being part of premium benefits, employee health insurance is intended to protect employees and their families against uncertain and costly medical expenses, so they are more likely to receive the appropriate health care.


That’s why health insurance is one of the most important, most valued benefits offered to employees throughout the company.


For this purpose, a new health insurance policy with one of the leading insurance companies of the Republic of Azerbaijan came into force in February 2020.  


Kulevi Oil terminal employees also use their medical insurance in Georgia. In both countries they are served by various types of clinics and qualified specialists.


We believe that our health insurance program provides an increased opportunity to our employees, as well as their families to enjoy a healthy life and shows them how much we think and care about them.

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