Safety Audit of Black Sea Terminal Operations

At Kulevi Oil Terminal, various processes related to the loading, offloading and transshipment of oil products are being carried out on a daily basis. It is very important to control these processes under the Process Safety and Assets Integrity Management programs as part of the Operation and Integrity Management Strategies of the terminal.  


As usual, large quantities of hazardous substances are stored and processed at oil terminals. In cases of improper design, construction, operation or maintenance, there is high risk of accident. Accidents can lead to uncontrolled spills, fires and explosions, potentially resulting in a massive environmental disaster.


In order to address this grave risk, all processes and conditions at Kulevi Oil Terminal facilities are controlled within the framework of the terminal’s Operation and Integrity Management Strategies.


In order to take additional safety and control measures, the Operation Department established an additional control tool – the Process Safety Audit of terminal operations.


In 2019, personnel from the Operations and Maintenance Departments conducted external training in Process Safety Management and Assets Integrity Management. In addition, an audit team has been set up by trained personnel.


Within the framework of the terminal’s Process Safety Audit, a compliance audit checklist has been established according to the relevant HAZOP standards and audit reports are being issued individually to cover each element of the safety management process. The audit report includes information and recommendations pertaining to process safety, the hazard analysis process, operating procedures, the training of personnel, mechanical integrity and management of change. Any deviations related to the safety process revealed during the audit is reported and brought to the attention of the responsible staff member for further action.

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