Safety: Working at Height

Working at height is always a high-risk activity. Falls are the largest cause of injury in the oil and gas industry. Such incidents can be avoided by providing employees access to the appropriate equipment and making sure the equipment is used properly.


Falls can occur above and below ground. Falls while working at height can occur from ladders, through gaps or holes in working platforms, through fragile materials and whilst accessing areas. In addition, serious injury can result from material falling or being thrown from above – especially during maintenance procedures like cleaning and demolishing, as well as during access and inspection activities.


Kulevi Oil Terminal has enacted strict safety protocol which is essential for all employees working at height. Employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal, together with our Safety Team, provide the following measures for working at heights:


  • Avoidance where possible, of working at height.
  • Assessing situations and risks in which workers might fall, because there is always a possibility of falling when workers are on a roof or at the top of a building. Competent staff first inspect the site (size, layout and nature), before climbing the ladder.
  • Implement protective measures in order to reduce the risk of falls
  • Provision of suitable work equipment to prevent a fall from occurring, e.g. edge protection.
  • Provision of work equipment to minimize the distance and consequences of a fall
  • Ensure that prevention measures and the entire site has enough maintenance services so that the workers can be knowledgeable and prepared with the right tools to deal with a fall emergency.
  • Ensure that there are emergency procedures to immediately respond to fall incidents. 
  • Regular updates of all safety measures and risk assessment in the workplace as required.
  • Instruction and training


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