International Port Security (IPS) program

The International Port Security (IPS) program was developed by the U.S. Coast Guard to partner with other maritime nations in deterring terrorist attacks on port facilities. The IPS program also uses the International Labour Organization Code of Practice on Security in Ports to help fill gaps in the overall review of security measures are in place in a country.


As a part of this program, Georgia is among of those maritime nations, who participate in IPS program, and in the frames of this program a Country Security Assessment is being conducted in Ports of Georgia once every two years, which considers inspection of ISPS Code implementation.


This assessment is highly important as the US Coast Guard, based on the results of the assessment determines both, safe and high-risk ports and terminals.


Kulevi Oil Terminal has recently received note of thanks from the LEPL Maritime Transport Agency, underlining active work and effective cooperation of the Kulevi port administration with regard to implementation of security standards.


We believe that in the future, in close cooperation with Georgian governmental authorities, high standards of maritime security will be maintained and improved at all ports of Georgia.

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