Happy 2020

We are moving into 2020 full of energy, hope and excitement.


For Black Sea terminal (BST), 2019 was a year of successful business, rapid development and financial stability. BST was able to increase the efficiency of its production processes, improve its working standards and maintain the reliability of its business partners by providing prompt, high-quality services to them while maintaining international standards. All of this is the result of the highly-qualified, selfless and determined employees of the BST and the management.  And for them, each one of us is thankful.


As we enter 2020, the New Year obliges us to be focused on much more than just development and success.  We believe that the Black Sea Terminal team will be able to successfully meet the tasks set forth with great unity and cooperation, jointly with the management of the company and with the aim of establishing BST as one of the best in the oil and gas business sector. 


Congratulations to one and all in welcoming 2020 and for the beautiful and strong family bond that we all share at BST! 

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