Purchasing and supply chain management training

Kulevi Oil Terminal emphasizes the importance of training and development. Improving the competence of its employees is a top priority. With this in mind, a purchasing and supply chain management training course was organized for new employees who had recently joined the purchasing team.  The training aimed to familiarize employees with the basics of purchasing and the purchasing environment, to provide them with a better understanding of the various approaches, tools and strategies used in negotiations, to teach them the fundamentals of the budgeting process and how to manage the process within the company, as well as and how to be aware of the basic subjects in the field of price and cost analysis from a purchasing and productive perspective.


The participants developed a deep understanding on the art of negotiation with potential clients, communication skills necessary to handle purchasing and supply chain projects, gained valuable project management experience. 


At the end of training session an evaluation of the participants was conducted to assess their knowledge and understanding of the materials learned from the training. Based on the results of the assessment, the participants then received certification.

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