Safety Induction Program

A safety induction was conducted to welcome new employees, contractors, visitors and guests of the company and to prepare and inform them of the company’s health, safety and environmental rules. An   is a great way to provide employees, contractors, visitors and guests with the site-specific health and safety rules and requirements, and any particular hazards they need to be aware of and to foster a culture of safety within the workplace.


Safety induction is important for:


  • promoting a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors
  • help people understand the values of the workplace culture
  • ensuring adequate knowledge of emergency procedures such as emergency exits, evacuation instructions and assembly points
  • proper equipment handling
  • educated people about company policies


The following safety topics are introduced:


  • the hazards and risks in the workplace
  • the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • safe work practices
  • work, health and safety rules  
  • emergency procedures
  • first-aid and other emergency contacts


An effective safety induction system leads to the following benefits:

  • increased productivity
  • good awareness of health and safety rules applied within the organization
  • reduction in accident and illness rates
  • improvements to attitudes and behavior
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