Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety (OS) deals with all aspects of health and safety at the workplace. Its primary focus is the prevention of workplace hazards and accidents. Black Sea Terminal (BST) takes occupational safety seriously and regularly conducts risk assessment and business operations with safety being the first priority. BST also adheres to Georgia’s OSH legislation, which provides flexible solutions in managing workplace safety.


BST employees have elected an OS representative who is assigned several responsibilities. The OS representative works in the interest of the workers and is tasked with addressing the concerns and issues employees have. The representative also undertakes the regular inspection of the workspace to ensure compliance of safety standards. In coordination with company management, the representative works to ensure the safety of all employees and the elimination of all occupational hazards in the workplace.


These actions reflect BST’s commitment to the safety of its employees and to the laws governing occupational safety in Georgia. Occupational safety will continue to be a priority at Black Sea terminal along with protecting the health of its employees.

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