Modernization of Control Systems of Marian B

The dredger Marian B, manufactured in 1974, has been serving the Black Sea Terminal for more than 10 years. Its main function is to maintain the navigation depth of the access channel and internal harbor of Kulevi port, keeping it functioning year-round. The ship is equipped with two suction pipes with an excavating depth of 16 m and its performance can reach 1,600 m3 per hour.


Increasing the opportunity of monitoring and automatic control systems worldwide, as well as complex requirements for functionality and competitiveness in the market, call for a development of programmable systems. These systems must be easily adaptable and flexible with regard to the number of controllable parameters, which have to be united into an integral shipboard monitoring and control system.


Due to the above mentioned factors, starting from 2018, the complete modernization of the ship’s control systems has been carried out. In particular, modern fire monitoring and alarm systems, automatic control of jet and sand pumps and the automatic protection of the pump motors were introduced. In the machinery and pump station sections, the fire alarm system of the APOLLO was installed. In addition, the control room, equipped with automatic control and power cabinets, was refurbished ensuring the control of air temperature and humidity.


These modern control systems ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ship’s machinery and equipment, and conform to the requirements of safety and operational standards.


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