Personal Accident Insurance

On March 7, 2018, the Parliament of Georgia issued a law pertaining to occupational safety. Under Section 5 of Article 5 of the new law, which became effective from January 1 of 2019, insurance from accident is mandatory for all personnel employed in jobs that are hazardous and dangerous.


Personal Accident Insurance provides complete financial protection to the insured employees against uncertainties such as accidental death, bodily injuries, and partial/total disabilities, permanent as well as temporary disabilities resulting from an accident.


Receiving, storing and the transshipment of oil and oil products is considered a hazardous field. As such, our company concluded a Personal Accident Insurance contract with the insurance company. Insurance from corporate accidents involves remuneration payments in case of accidental discharges within the preliminary limits.


We believe that our company will always respond to every challenge related to the improvement of the social conditions of our employees, as well as defend the requirements established by Georgian legislation.

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