Biological sewage treatment unit

At Black Sea Terminal, environmental awareness and protection is not only maintained inside the terminal, but is also considered to be of the utmost importance even within the vessels operating within the terminal.  The sewage that is generated on the ship cannot be stored on the ship for a very long time and so it needs to be discharged. However, it cannot be discharged directly overboard, as there are international regulations to be followed while discharging sewage into the sea.


Sewage on the sea is generally waste that is produced from washing compartments, urinals and scuppers. So before discharging this sewage, it needs to be treated, as untreated sewage has solid particles which take a lot of time to disintegrate. When disposed of in the sea, this sewage absorbs an excessive amount of oxygen and thus, reduces the requisite amount of oxygen needed by fish and marine plants. For this reason, the Biological Sewage Water treatment unit has been installed on the Marian B vessel.   


From the start of its operation, Black Sea Terminal has always been committed to preventing environmental pollution by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies. In fact, the aim of setting up this biological unit is to treat sewage waters up to the acceptable limits for discharging into the ambient waters.  The equipment installed is in full compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s resolutions, as well as MARPOL requirements.

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