Expanding the Kolkheti Protected Areas Fund

Since 2008, Kulevi Oil Terminal has financed the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund, which was established jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Kulevi Oil Terminal.


The fund was established to ensure the protection and sustainable development of the Kolkheti National Park and other protected areas by means of regular monitoring and by taking the appropriate protective and mitigation measures. The fund’s financial resources have been directed towards infrastructural development, restoration, rehabilitation, monitoring and research work in Kolkheti National Park and the Kobuleti Protected Areas (Kobuleti State Reserve and Managed Reserve).


Recently, the Ministry of Environment and Kulevi Oil Terminal decided to expand the range of territories the fund covers. As such, beginning in 2019, the Terminal will support not only Kolkheti National Park and the Kobuleti Protected Areas, but also other protected areas, national parks, state reserves and natural monuments throughout Georgia. Accordingly, the fund will be renamed the Protected Areas Development Fund of Georgia.


Environmental issues remain of great importance for our company. Therefore, we carefully consider the environmental impact of all our activities and we do our best to compensate it.

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