Task Risk Assessment

Any work undertaken at Black Sea Terminal (BST) is commenced under a Risk Assessment. It is mandatory to ensure that all hazards associated with any activities are identified and that the risks are assessed and managed.


The responsibilities of the people carrying out the work are as follows:


  • Understand the hazards, risks and controls associated with the task
  • Participate and contribute in the Tool Box Talk (TBT)
  • Actively monitor the worksite and surroundings for changes
  • Stop the job at any time, if they are concerned about safety


Risk Assessment involves a review of the task by the person responsible for conducting the work – the Performing Authority (PA), in consultation with another competent person(s) (CP) (Team Leader, Area Authority or Affected Area Authority) to identify the hazards associated with the task and appropriate control measures required to manage these hazards.

Three types of Additional Risk Assessment (ARA):


  • Task Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)
  • Isolation Risk Assessment (IRA)


Controls, which prevent the hazard from being realized, have preference to controls that reduce the effect of the hazard.


Hierarchy of controls is applied in the following order:


  • Eliminate
  • Reduce (substitution, engineering, segregation)
  • Manage or administration (reduce exposure, procedures)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be the last control applied. Remember that with PPE you are inside the hazard zone.
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