Vessel training: The importance of mooring and unmooring operations

The mooring and unmooring procedure is a significant operation at Kulevi Oil Terminal. As such, designated mooring employees are provided refresher training courses at frequent intervals.  The procedure is not just a job whereby one merely throws a mooring line around a bollard, rather it involves careful planning for which without proper knowledge and expertise, could be extremely dangerous.  A vessel that is not moored properly may become a threat to its immediate surroundings and even to the port.


During each external training session, employees are checked for their knowledge in the usage of mooring appliances and their technical exploitation on land, mooring ropes and cables and their classifications, rigging equipment and safety technical roles during mooring operations. In addition, they are also checked for their practical competency in preparing a berth, receiving a line from a mooring launch, receiving a heaving line from a vessel, returning a heaving line to a vessel, landing a gangway, releasing the vessel, as well as communication with the vessel crew.


Finally, based on their competency level, they are certified to continue working as mooring/unmooring operators.  This training and recertification is a necessity considering the fact that this is a complex procedure that requires careful consideration for safe berthing and unberthing of the vessels from the port.



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