(ISM Code) International Safety Management Training

The International Safety Management (ISM Code) is an international standard requirement for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention. As Black Sea Terminal always makes sure that it maintains all necessary international standard requirements for its employees, an ISM code training course was organized for the employees of various departments. The main aim of the training course was to ensure safety at sea, prevent human injury or loss of life and avoid damage to the environment with a focus on the marine environment and on the property.  


Through the training course, participants had an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of ISM code administration, purpose and safety; management for the safe operation of the ship; the ISM code preamble, the definition of the code, the objectives of the code, the application of the code, the functional requirements for a safety management system (SMS); The rules governing safety of marine transportation service for ship, crew, cargo and the environment; Role and responsibility of shipping companies in introduction of SMS; Master’s responsibility and authorities concerning ships SMS; Company responsibility and authorities concerning ships SMS; Ship procedure; Organizing trainings and exercises on board; Ship emergency plan of action; Ship documents concerning ISM Code; Preparation and presentation of ship’s SMS for certification according to ISM code requirements;  Ship’s preparation for inspection by Port State Control; Internal auditing, assessment and review; Non-conformity reports and their analysis.


Upon completion of the training course, the participants were assessed on their understanding and knowledge of the materials presented in the course and received certificates.


This ISM code training and certification helps to establish the safety management objectives for the company, which include providing safe practices in ship operation and working environment, safeguarding against all identified risks and continuously improving safety management skills of personnel ashore and onboard ships. These skills are for the preparation for emergencies related to safety and environmental protection, so this training is a very important and necessary training while in this industry.

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