Fuel for kindergarten

Black Sea Terminal recognizes its social responsibility. The company’s existence is part of a much bigger system consisting of people, organizations, values and nature. Therefore, in many ways, we want to give to the world just as much as it gives to us.


The company’s actions concerning its social responsibility fall under two categories – compliance and pro-activeness. Compliance refers to the company’s commitment to legality and its willingness to observe the values of community while conducting its business. Pro-activeness is every initiative we take in order to help the community or environment.


Recently, we were made aware of the problems that the inhabitants of the town of Kulevi are dealing with – in particular, Kulevi lacks a kindergarten. As such, children from Kulevi must attend kindergarten in the neighboring village of Kariata, which is 8 km away. Children from Kulevi must be driven to and from the kindergarten by their parents each day, which can be costly. Taking into account the difficult economic conditions of the local residents, BST spearheaded an initiative to arrange for the monthly provision of fuel for families who need it to get their children to school each day.


Our company always goes beyond regulatory requirement to support sustainable economic, social and environmental development, and thereby contribute broadly and positively to society.



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