Technical Safety Certificate

Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company that is not only fitted with modern infrastructure, but a company where the issues of safe operation are considered extremely important. As a result of the coordinated actions of the terminal’s management, engineering-technical team, maintenance and safety departments, the design and exploitation of the terminal’s technological systems are carried out at a high-level and in compliance with safety standards and norms.


In 2018 and in accordance with the new requirements of the government of Georgia, BST management has taken the necessary measures to obtain a safety certificate for the terminal. For this purpose, a registered and certified inspection body under the Ministry of Economy has inspected Black Sea Terminal for determination of compliance with technical safety requirements. Inspectors of the agency have analyzed the procedures for reception, storage and transshipment of oil products and practical aspects of their implementation, as well as the exploitation and maintenance procedures of terminal’s facilities. Inspectors have studied the compliance of the arrangement of buildings, structures and process facilities with the relevant standards and construction norms.


The inspection has not identified any non-compliance issues as it regards technical safety norms and the terminal has been awarded with the appropriate safety certificate as a proof of compliance with the state and international standards and norms.

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