Oil Industry Workers Day 2018

Each year since 2001, the 20th of September marks the anniversary of Oil Industry Worker’s Day in Azerbaijan. This honorable day is not only celebrated in Azerbaijan but also in Georgia where a majority of the population is part of the oil industry, in particular SOCAR.


Black Sea Terminal is one of the dignified members of the SOCAR group and plays a significant role in being one of the major contributors to the great family of oil and gas.  BST employees always hold their heads high with pride and have always done their best by supporting the management in achieving their goals.


Once again this year, company management showed their appreciation for the achievements, professionalism and contributions made by its employees to BST’s development, by distributing financial rewards and thank you letters.


On this great occasion, BST would like to congratulate the Azerbaijan government and its people who through their dedication and determination have contributed to the development of the oil and gas industry and the economic development of their nation.


Because of the hard work and tireless efforts of its members and workers, the oil and gas industry will continue to be a success for both Azerbaijan and Georgia for the foreseeable future.


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