Kurban Bayram - the feast of sacrifice

Kurban Bayram the feast of sacrifice, charity and community, caring and sharing for the poor and the needy.


During the time of Kurban Bayram, people are given the greatest pleasure of being happy, also it makes friends and relatives delighted. It is an occasion where family ties and relations get strengthened and an opportunity of bonding between generations. 


“Black Sea Terminal” LLC has always ensured to be part of this celebration by not forgetting those people who do not have an opportunity to celebrate the festival.  So on this special day food and food supplies was send to the beneficiaries of the “Adjara Georgian-Azerbaijan charity society named after F. Akhundov” and the beneficiaries of International Human Union-“Catharsis” Tbilisi branch, which was received with great joy and satisfaction by the members. 


The company management will always continue its activity of engaging in various social and charitable programs and making it special and beautiful for the people who are in need of support.

The “Black Sea Terminal” LLC once again joins the festive mood of the festival mood of Kurban Bayram and congratulates one and all who are celebrating this holiday and wishes them all prosperity and success.


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