Non-destructive Testing (NDT) of Pipelines and Equipment of Kulevi Oil Terminal

The investigation and control of corrosion processes is one of the main priorities for the oil industry worldwide. Losses due to corrosion can reach very high levels and uncontrolled corrosion processes can significantly increase safety risks resulting in severe accidents. If facilities are systematically inspected for corrosion, and control measures are implemented in a timely manner, these kinds of risks can be minimized or avoided altogether. 


As part of its anti-corrosion strategy, BST management has implemented a Corrosion Management and Control Program.


Since January of 2018, corrosion engineers have undertaken the corrosion inspection of process pipelines and other terminal equipment. The inspection methods include non-destructive testing processes such as ultrasonic (UT), visual and other methods. Inspections are carried out in an organized and systematic manner according to a pre-determined schedule.


Until now, about 6,500m of process and auxiliary pipelines have been inspected for corrosion and identification of risk-based locations. For all of the detected risk-based points, specific recommendations were issued by corrosion engineers and the process of elimination of potential risks have already been undertaken by the appropriate terminal bodies.


The systematic NDT inspections of the terminal’s facilities will help to control processes related to corrosion, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the terminal.

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