Environmental awareness training

In the oil and gas industry, awareness of the importance of environmental issues has become more and more central and environmental compliance is one of the fundamental aspects playing a major role in the industry.


A training course focusing on the importance of environmental and waste management awareness was organized by Kulevi Oil Terminal with one of the leading training companies in the region. The training session included a lecture, discussion, and both an interim and final assessment.


The main topics of the course included the terminology and methodology of environmental standards, the importance of evaluating both indirect and direct aspects to the environment, principles of environmental risk assessment, the use of process mapping and other techniques to identify environmental impact,  how to  perform the kind of evaluation to determine which environmental aspects are significant in an organization, how to record documents and prioritize significant environmental aspects for the improvement and management, legal requirements of waste management, waste management process, classification of wastes, types of waste, waste segregation and recycling.  At the end of the training session, assessments were conducted to ensure that the company delegate who attended the training had gained enough knowledge and had been duly familiarized with the topics. At the end, certificates were issued. 


The main aim of organizing this course was to increase awareness of the environmental aspects and impacts related to the oil and gas industry and the proper waste management, as well as to ensure that the necessary actions will be taken to minimize environmental damage.

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