10 years of successful operation

This is a day to remember, as the majority of the employees currently working at Black Sea Terminal have been working here since it began operating on May 16, 2008.


Ten years ago on this day SOCAR Azerbaijan made one of its most important investment’s in the Georgian economy with the establishment of Black Sea Terminal and Kulevi Port, which brought to the region a company with modern infrastructure, a material-technical base that was fully compliant with international technical norms, and a number of newly renovated ports and terminals located at the Black Sea Coast. Black Sea Terminal also provides a large number of employment opportunities to the people of the region. At that time all were doubtful about the future of the company, but with the joint efforts of the management and our qualified personnel, Black Sea Terminal is currently one of the most well-established organizations in the country and regionally.  Since it’s commissioning back in 2008, BST has transshipped tons of various kinds of oil, oil products and liquefied petroleum gas, as well as highly integrated marine and rail infrastructure. This has all promoted the stability of conservation in all directions of the terminal’s operation. 


Despite these significant successes, BST management has continues to strive for increased progress and development of the company and has continuously moved down the path to advancement, expansion and functioning according to modern standards. This has been the basis for attaining a number of important certifications during all major business events.


During this ten year period, each year was an accomplishment. New ideas and projects were implemented, increasing the effectiveness of our production. Among all important factors of our success, the most important is our highly qualified personnel across different professions working at the terminal and their dedication to their job. They have all worked towards a common goal, which has helped the organization to obtain international trust and honor.


For BST employees, this has provided an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and take the initiative in their job. This has also helped them to attain financial security, moral strength and an opportunity to guarantee the social welfare of each of their families.  BST provides all employees and their families with medical insurance, covering a wide range of leading hospitals and clinics across the region. Employees are also provided with additional bonuses such as free meals and transportation.  Every employee of the BST family are proud members of team.


It is also important to mention the company's contribution to the country's budget. Black Sea Terminal has always and will always play a key role in implementing a number of socio-economic projects, by actively getting involved in the realization of various environmental, cultural, educational, sports and infrastructure projects. BST is also active in a number of charitable initiatives.


These ten years of significant achievements is a result of cooperation and the existence of a multicultural work environment at the terminal.  There is always great respect and goodwill among different nationalities working at the terminal, including Georgian and Azerbaijani employees who join together to form strong working relationships. This has created a solid foundation for the prospects of Georgia-Azerbaijan historical cooperation and friendliness. 


As we move towards the second decade, this is an opportunity for each and every member of the Black Sea Terminal family to meet the goals of the new decade, to strengthen cooperation with our partners and to accomplish greater results.


With great pride we would also like to say that we would not have been able to achieve all our goals and successes without the relentless work and support of each and every employee.  Thank you one and all for being a member of our great BST family.


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