Peace has no alternative

Those who have faced the bloody, cruel, merciless grips of war are becoming fewer and fewer these days, there remain the few who proudly live among us.   


It is a tradition that Black Sea Terminal pays tribute to the veterans of World War II. So, on May 9, 2018, our company representatives took part in several events held in Georgia that were dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of World War II. 


One Group of employees of Black Sea Terminal visited and congratulated the veterans residing in the Khobi Municipally, wished them health and long life, and also informed them that useful monetary gifts allocated by company management have been transferred to their bank accounts.


Black Sea Terminal management, along with the Georgian & Azerbaijani Charity Society, named after M. F. Akhundov, celebrated ‘Victory Day Over Fascism’. The main message of the solemn event was "War and bloodshed are inexcusable, unforgivable actions, the peace in the universe is a significant necessity and is the basis for a successful future."

There were memories, warm words and hopes for a peaceful future at the festivities got underway.

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