Vote for the development of the country

Today on April 11th of 2018, the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in Presidential elections. Since the active participation in the election of each politician of the Republic of Azerbaijan is very important, the ones that are abroad have also been given this opportunity.


Company management has arranged for citizens Azerbaijan working at Black Sea Terminal in Georgia and the members of their families an opportunity to participate in the election. Highly spirited and motivated, they travelled to the electoral district organized at the Consulate General of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Batumi, Georgia.


The citizens voted for peace, country’s development, progress, prosperity and a bright future. They demonstrated the strong belief that they made the right choice, which will assure a greater rate of the country’s development, an increase in social and economic level and the well-being of the Azerbaijani population. 


We believe the Republic of Azerbaijan will achieve more success in the future, and will solidify its position among the international community of nations.

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