We remember April 9 Heroes

29 years ago on April 9, 1989, a bloody confrontation took place on the streets of Tbilisi when thousands of citizens stood side-by-side demanding independence from the USSR. The Soviet army, in a bid to crush the movement, mercilessly moved on the crowd of people, injuring hundreds and killing 21.


On March 31, 1991 a referendum was issued regarding the restoration of Georgia’s independence. The Georgian people voted in support of this referendum. Georgia became independent for the second time in its long history.


Georgia has faced many trials and tribulations throughout its history. But one that remains a black mark in the history books is the April 9 tragedy. 


To commemorate this important date in Georgia’s history people visit and laid flowers at a memorial to honor those who lost their lives. Black Sea Terminal shares the pain and joins those people who honor and respect the memory of the victims.  


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