Happy Easter!

Today on April 08, 2018, the Orthodox Christian world celebrates one of its most important holidays – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the Orthodox community, Easter represents a day of joy, hope and reflection.


Great traditions are associated with the Easter celebration. Among them is the tradition of painting eggs in red. However, Easter eggs may be painted in various colors; still the main color is red. Traditionally, people greet each other with Easter cake and eggs painted red on green grass. Green grass is a symbol of new life, and red eggs on green grass means the victory over death. The main dish served at the Easter party is Easter cake.


Multinational team at Black Sea Terminal traditionally celebrates this holiday each spring. BST staff was welcomed with special dinner in the company canteen. 


The entire Kulevi Oil Terminal team would like to wish all who celebrate Easter, peace, happiness and success – both in their private lives and their professional lives.



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