Friendship for kindness

On November 23rd, Kulevi Oil Terminal took part in the project ‘Friendship for Kindness’, which aims to support ethnic minority children with disabilities and oncological diseases from the Dmanisi and Marneuli regions. The project affords the children an opportunity to get involved in games and programs, meet popular people and become friends with peers in their age group.     


This project also aims to promote among the public, a better understanding of those with disabilities and encourage people support their dignity, rights and well-being. Evidence and experience shows that these minority groups often face barriers to participation in all aspects of society. Kulevi Oil Terminal never misses an opportunity to support these children within the company’s Social Plan and always makes an effort to contribute to the elimination of any obstacles they may face.


The project was organized by the charity organization Internacional Georgia, which invited popular actors Pavel Priluchniy, Oleg Savkin and Pavel Barshak to the event. Local celebrities like Sofia Simonishvili, Giorgi Tsereteli, Ani Kurasbediani, Zura Khachidze, Tamar Mikeladze, Nutsa Janelidze and quartet Mukhambazi also joined the gala reception. 

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