Tug boat update

Since Black Sea Terminal (BST) became operational, Kulevi Port has received about 2,200 tankers, whose deadweight varies from 3,500 to 115,000 tons.


The mooring and departure of tankers from Kulevi port is being carried out through an artificially created approach channel, with a length of 3,600 meters, a width of 160 meters and an average depth of 14 meters. The turning basin with a diameter of 500 meters is also arranged on the channel.


For the berthing and departure of tankers, BST utilizes its powerful modern tug boats the SOCAR and SOCAR 2, which are equipped with azimuth thrusters, which allow for easy maneuvering at low speeds.


In addition to their main functions, the two tug boats are designed to conduct rescue and search operations and to extinguish fires.


On October 19 of this year, the SOCAR departed to Turkey for docking in order to update its classification certificates. On October 25, the tug was raised to dry dock at the Tuzla shipyard. Under the supervision of the Maritime Register, the ship was inspected. After which, the underwater section of the hull was repaired and work necessary for a full upgrade of the vessel was undertaken. On November 5, the vessel was put back into the water, and on November 13, the SOCAR, with its new classification certificates, returned to Kulevi port and to perform its towing operations. 

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