Kulevi Oil Terminal rehabilitates the local road

Black Sea Terminal is one of the major companies in the Khobi municipality and has taken part in various infrastructural projects over the years. Sustainable development of the area where the Kulevi Oil Terminal has been operating for years has always been one of the main priorities for the company. Considering the condition of the 16km Kulevi – Shua Khorga road asphalt, there was an emerging necessity to invest considerable financial funds in its maintenance.


Last year, Kulevi Oil Terminal expressed its good will for the rehabilitation of the local road and made a decision to finance work on the project.


Together with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, documentation for the above-mentioned purpose has been prepared, after which concrete steps have been taken, including a tender for the road rehabilitation.


Today, road rehabilitation is already underway and almost half of the length has been asphalted, so the work will be finished soon.


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